• Forever, so far, at ____.

    Oklahoma to Missouri to home:

    Rocks and sand turned into trees as we eased towards home base. Quicktrip hot dogs for lunch and Sonic for dinner. Some of the first road food I’ve eaten on tour. Stopped in at Cesspool Castle. Gene was a sweetheart. I played a very loud noise set. We met up with the Foreign Theaters and caught up. It was nice to have a part of home be part of our journey home. Headed out around seven thirty and moseyed on.

    Missouri hills and lush trees are beautiful in the night time. Saw the first fireflies of the trip. Fireworks welcomed us in the far distance. Listened to Pineapple Explode's “South Inglewood” on the exit. Felt like a dream.

    While we were driving a few days ago (out of Los Angeles, I think), Mike mentioned the idea of a charmed life. He said something along the line of, “We both lead very charmed lives.” At that moment, nothing could have been better than where we were. Still applies to this moment, and hopefully the next.

    [Radio silence]

  • 4 years ago

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